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Meet the new wave of Fast-Modern Indian eating

Modern Indian Food

Inito Urban Indian Biriyani Pot


We operate on the ethos that lighter, faster and tasty Indian can all come together to create delicious meals that will have you coming back time and time again. With all the spice and flavour but just better for you.

Inito Urban Indian Food Roti


Discover our House Roti wraps, freshly made salads, flavoursome curry feasts or Biryani pots – lunch on the go is made easy and we aim to serve customers in under 5 minutes!

Inito Urban Indian Frink Lassi


We have shaken up Indian cuisine by pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian food with a menu packed with modern Indian inspired dishes.

Our Menus

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All our meals are light, bright and made fresh daily in our kitchen.

meet the new wave of fast-modern indian eating

Inito Urban Indian Drink Modi Chai

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